Silver FreePBX VPS

£ 30 + VAT per month

Unlimited Extensions
10 − 15 concurrent calls
Your choice of SIP trunking

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Gold FreePBX VPS

£ 40 + VAT per month

Unlimited Extensions
20 − 30 concurrent calls
Your choice of SIP trunking

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Platinum FreePBX VPS

£ 50 + VAT per month

Unlimited Extensions
30− 50 concurrent calls
Your voice of SIP trunking

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30 Day Free Trial

You can try the system for free. We will give you a free VPS system for 30 days so that you can try the system for yourself to make sure that it suites you before committing to purchase the service. Just order a system and we will give you 30 days before any payment details are required.

Complete Solutions

If you need more than just the hosted system but want a complete solution we can offer that too. With our online quotation system, just by answering a few simple questions, we can provide you with an estimate of the costs of a complete system including all handsets, and comprehensive system support.


You can start with the smallest PBX system and grow as your needs grow. All PBX systems include unlimited extensions and bandwidth. You just need to decide on the size you need based on the number of concurrent calls you will be making. CPU, RAM, or disk space can be added in a matter of minutes.


The FreePBX web interface gives full administrative access to all FreePBX functions. You can setup your own admin users to manage extensions or any other parts of the system, setup and control your system fully with no restrictions, and even includes the commercial end point manager and system admin modules free of charge (normally chargeable extras).

FreePBX 14 now available

We now have the latest and greatest FreePBX 14 distribution available as default. However if you need an older release we still provide FreePBX 13, 12 and 11 for those who require a legacy release to migrate their existing systems over to a hosted service or for those who need compatibility with older software.

SIP trunking and DDI numbers

Many people will want to use their own choice of SIP service provider for their hosted PBX system. However others will want a “one stop shop” for hosted FreePBX and service provision. Therefore we provide our own high quality SIP trunking service for those who need it. Let us know when you setup your FreePBX trial and we can also arrange a trial SIP trunk.

VPS Control Panel

Control your own VPS system(s) via the control panel which allows you to shutdown or boot your system at will, access the console directly, view network statistics, and even reinstall the system from scratch if required.

FreePBX Hosting Features

Full Root Access

Your FreePBX VPS is completely yours. You get complete root access to your system. So if there is anything you need to do like adding additional software packages to the system or reconfiguring the Linux operating system you can do that.

Resilient Network

Our Byfleet and Gatwick data centre facilities, provided by 4D Data Centres, feature highly resilient data connections using a number of different providers for a high degree of resilient. We have a 99.999% uptime SLA on out Internet IP transit connections.

Highly Secure

4D's award winning data centre facilities have 24 hour security and operations support. The facility also has full UPS and generator backup which is fully tested on a monthly basis. This provide a 100% uptime SLA on power. It also employs eco friendly green technology for cooling, employing the UK's first evaporated cooling system.


We use the latest version of FreePBX to provide a hosted system that is highly functional and secure and provides the most up to date and stable release of software. FreePBX can easily be upgrade to keep up to date with all of the latest and greatest features.

Who is is run by Optimal Projects Ltd. Over the years we have worked closely with Schmooze Com in providing their commercial PBX products in the UK. We are now able to offer this service in our Byfleet data centre using a cluster of virtual hosted systems.

Who is Sangoma?

Sangoma have been active for many years in the Open Source market and are best known by many as makers of hardware boards for Asterisk based PBX systems to link with traditional analogue and ISDN circuits. Of course they do much more than that and are a leading manufacturer of Session Border Controllers and other VoIP hardware and systems. Sangoma have now acquired Schmooze Com and with their commitment to FreePBX will see the Open Source and Commercial products going from strength to strength. To see more about Sangoma have a look at