About FreePBXHosting.co.uk

FreePBXHosting.co.uk is the only FreePBX hosting partner in the UK approved by Sangoma. FreePBXHosting.co.uk is run by Optimal Projects Ltd with the support of Sangoma.

Optimal Projects Ltd maintains the infrastructure used for FreePBXHosting.co.uk and also provide support and assistance for FreePBX installations. We can call on Sangoma if there are issues that we are unable to address and Sangoma provide support and updates for all FreePBX systems.

About Optimal Projects

Optimal Projects was founded in 1995 as an IT consultancy company. For about the last 15 years we have been working with Asterisk based systems including FreePBX. For the past 5 years we have been running hosted PBX systems for our customers. Optimal Projects is the only Sangoma approved FreePBX hosting partner in Europe. We now support hundreds of customers who have hosted as well as onsite FreePBX system.

Byfleet and Gatwick Data Centres

Our Byfleet and Gatwick data centre locations are run by 4D Data Centres. This facility is highly secure and includes 100% uptime guarantee on power and 99.999% guarantee on Internet connections. We also have 24/7 operating cover in the data centre and 24/7 security.

Your PBX system will never be compromised by power outages or network issues as the data centre has a number of feeds from pretty much all major Internet connectivity providers. It also has plenty of green credentials with eco-friendly cooling.