Should your requirement be for even more features than FreePBX provides we can also provide PBXact SaaS hosting. PBXact SaaS includes all of the features of FreePBX plus:

  • Future Proof installation - that receives regular automated updates, security patches and Feature updates.
  • Voice Recognition Applications - Dial and transfer calls with the sound of your voice.
  • Visual Voicemail - interact with your voicemail visually, get the information you need quickly.
  • Phone Applications - manage conference calls, queues, voicemail, presence, follow-me settings from the screen of your phone.
  • Full Call Centre Functionality
  • Automatic remote backup for disaster recovery

The following additional commercial modules are included within PBXact SaaS:

  • Extension Routing
  • PBX End Point Manager
  • SySAdmin Pro
  • Web CallBack
  • Outbound Call Limiting
  • Caller ID Management
  • Paging Pro
  • VM Notify
  • Call Recording Reports
  • Directory Pro
  • IVR Pro
  • Parking Pro
  • XMPP Pro
  • VQ Plus
  • PIN Set Pro
  • Voicemail Reports

PBXact SaaS is charged differently from FreePBX. FreePBX is charged on a per PBX basis. PBXact SaaS is charged on a per extension basis. Prices are from £12.00 per extension down to £8.00 per extension dependent on the number of extensions. Contact us to discuss your requirements.