SIP Trunking

Whilst we are not prescriptive about who you use for SIP trunking or call traffic we recognise that some people want everything from one suppliers. Therefore we offer business grade quality focussed SIP trunking at competitive rates providing FreePBXhosting customers with the highest call quality and highly competitive call charges.

Our standard trunking offering provides:

  1. Extensive fraud protection measures (crucial for any modern provider)
  2. Multiple inbound and outbound routes for complete resilience
  3. Comprehensive UK number provision including all geographic numbers and 0330 national numbers
  4. Our call charges are linked directly to wholesale rates so if those rates drop your call costs drop too (they rarely, if ever, rise!)
  5. Trunking can be provided for onsite systems as well as hosted FreePBX systems
  6. Charging can span multiple systems in a single bill
  7. No up-front charges or call credits to purchase
  8. Backup diversion service available
  9. High Definition G.722 codec support
  10. T.38 FAX enabled
  11. Number porting: we can port numbers from BT and a number of other UK providers
  12. Direct SS7 connection with BT. We do not use IPX connections.

Prices start from just £1.00+VAT per trunk per month. DDI number charges start from around £2.00+VAT per month.

We are not always the cheapest but we provide the quality that can be lacking in cheaper services and we don’t hide any “per extension” costs number trunks or numbers as some other providers do.

We’ll even help you to setup your SIP trunk and DDI numbers on your FreePBXhosting system.

If you need SIP trunking as part of FreePBXhosting system, or for an onsite PBX, then get in touch via out Contact page or call us on 0330 122 7220. We can arrange a trial SIP trunk and will even give you some free call credits to try it out.