Billing Portal

The billing portal allows you to:

1. View your subscribed services
2. View invoices paid and pending
3. View and raise support tickets
4. Order new services
5. View network status

VPS Management

The VPS management portal allows you to:

1. View your VPS system(s) (inc. IP address, disk space, memory, etc)
2. Access the VNC console of VPS systems
3. View VPS status and activity logs
4. Control your VPS (reboot, shutdown, power off/on)
5. Re-install your VPS from scratch
6. View your VPS network traffic and HDD access statistics

FreePBX Adminstration

The FreePBX administration page is available by browsing to the IP address of your PBX system. This allows you to perform all regular FreePBX maintenance. For more information on this please see the features/documentation page.

Support Tickets

Support tickets can be raised through the billing portal. We will always endeavour to answer all support tickets as quickly as possible. If you need faster support them please give us as call on 0330 122 7220.